Why your website needs a CMS

18 June 2015
Why your website needs a CMS

Things change

Both new and existing businesses need to be flexible and adapt constantly to stay relevant in their market place. Product marketing priorities will change over time, new lines will be released, new services offered and promoted. Your website needs to be as nimble as your business is to remain relevant. A CMS is the perfect way to make sure your website can move as fast as your business can.

Writing code is hard

CMS’s are easy to useNot everyone can do it but pretty much anyone can use a CMS. CMS’s are set up with a view to enabling the administrative tasks of the site to even the most noob user. If you can understand the structure of your website, know how to use upload and save buttons and can use a basic word-processing then you’re probably CMS admin qualified.

Many hands make light work

In a business there’s often more than one person who needs to add or change content on the website. A CMS system allows multiple people access to the website to make those changes. There’s no key-person risk of having the one person with access to the website code being sick or running off and not leaving the password.


Total reliance on your vendor is not a good thing. You’re restricted to their timelines, have to pay them for each minor change and generally like a passenger yelling directions at a driver. If you’ve ever driven with or been a backseat driver you’ll know that it’s a situation that rarely ends well. Taking control of your own website in empowering, allows you to execute your ideas at short notice and will inevitably be the most cost effective route in the long-term.


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