How Much Do We Use Our Mobile Devices?

28 March 2017
Mobile usage

Mobile phones have come a long way since the primitive bricks of the 80s and early 90s, that were reserved for rich tech savvy business people.

According to mobile usage statistics, it wasn't really until the 2000's approached that the devices got smaller, added entertainment features and the masses jumped on the bandwagon. But the growth in popularity is far from over, even though usage is at an all time high across the globe.

Most people in developed countries now utilize smart phones, which are so versatile they've become an integral part of the average person's life. From working, to planning journeys, to socializing and leisure - some people are on their devices from the moment they wake up in the morning until the moment they go to sleep.

Research suggests there are now over 4.4 billion mobile users worldwide! As well as making calls and texts, they browse the web, download apps, pay for goods and services, and use social media in unfathomable numbers. But what do the raw mobile usage statistics actually look like?

Instead of just publishing the numbers, this interactive graphic (provided by DealSunny) updates all of the key indicators in an awesome real time display - check it out!

It integrates all of the latest growth data for web searches, ad revenue from mobile users, activity on leading social media and chat apps like WhatsApp and Facebook, and mobile spending, among other interesting growth factors. This is then displayed next to a ticking counter, allowing people to see the huge mobile usage stats right before their eyes.

For example did you know that in just one hour

  • mobile users will have carried out 68 million searches on Google,
  • generated $3 million worth of ad revenue from Google AdWords,
  • made 8 million purchases through their devices with Paypal
  • mobile users open 2 billion emails,
  • send 1 billion WhatsApp messages and 768 million text messages,
  • while 29 million people will have accessed Facebook.
  • those looking for love make 58 million swipes on Tinder, though only 1 million people have mutual feelings that lead to matches.

So what does the future hold for these powerful pocket sized computer devices? What will the long term implications be for our behaviour and mental health? How will news outlets and content creators continue to evolve with social media? Is the retail sector poised to be revolutionized by mobile payment processing?

One thing that is clear, is mobile popularity shows no sign of slowing down as even citizens in the poorest of nations are gaining access to mobile devices, the web and apps.

If you want to see just how much people use their mobiles in real time, check out the graphic for yourself!

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